Elmhurst Artists' Guild

Elmhurst Artisits' Guild
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EAG Mission

Founded in 1946 by 11 artists from the Elmhurst community, the mission of the Elmhurst Artists' Guild continues as "the charitable and not-for-profit functions of shows and exhibitions, workshops, lectures, classes and other similar activities which further the purpose of encouraging, promoting, advancing, and assisting art education and instruction, and the advancement of and development of the arts."

Membership in the guild is not limited to residents of Elmhurst, but is open to “any artist or lover of art in sympathy with and willing to work for the promotion of the objectives of the Elmhurst Artists’ Guild” with full participation “not to be denied to any person on account of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, or disability.”

Our History

The Elmhurst Artists' Guild, one of the oldest and foremost guilds in Chicago's western suburbs, was incorporated in 1946. The first Guild meeting was held in Ms. Jane Duncan's Art & Gift Shop at 551 Spring Road in Elmhurst.

From this humble beginning, the Guild has continued to grow through monthly meetings, artist demonstrations, and local exhibits.

The Elmhurst Artists' Guild is a Charter Member of the Alliance of Fine Art (AFA) since 1962. The AFA is a professional association of Chicagoland art organizations that offers a wider range of information, resources and other benefits to the EAG membership." www.allianceoffineart.org

Guild Home

The Elmhurst Art Museum is the Guild home. In 1989 and 1990, the Guild consummated an agreement for the sale of its property to the Elmhurst Park District. This land, adjacent to Wilder Park, cleared the way for expansion of Wilder Park and the building of the museum and secured a permament home for the Guild

The museum's cornerstone is McCormick House, a U-shaped white, steel and glass residence designed by architect Mies van der Rohe. The museum houses five galleries, one permanently devoted to exhibiting works by members of the Elmhurst Artists' Guild.

For more information, please visit elmhurstartistsguild.org