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From Prairie to Tree Town: Tales of Old Elmhurst

Join us for a fascinating discussion of Elmhurst’s early years, its growth into modern city, and the individuals who helped shape the community along the way. From early settlers to important movers and shakers, this program has something for everyone.

Local Legends

Elmhurst has been home to a number of individuals who made their mark not just on the community they called home, but often on the national and even international stage. From magicians, artists, architects and poets to sports heroes, politicians, adventurers and social reformers, learn about some of the fascinating people who called Elmhurst home and left a legacy that endures to this day.

Community Roots

In February 1999, the Churchville Schoolhouse in nearby Bensenville was officially added to the National Register of Historic Places. Still in its original location, this schoolhouse, together with Fischer Farm and Zion Lutheran Church, has the potential to take guests back to the very roots of this community. A tremendous amount of historical and ecological integrity remains, which allows visitors to see how the settlers lived, worked, worshipped, and were educated. Take a peak into this incredible history with this program and learn how this community started.

History of Sports

Examine the 19th and early 20th century roots of modern American sports culture and its importance to our nation’s history. This program includes a fascinating look at the origins of organized sports, including boxing, racing, football, baseball, basketball, volleyball and more!

History of Beer

Learn about the history of beer with Elmhurst History Museum. This program explores the Stone Age origins of beer, its importance to early civilizations, and the emergence of some of today’s favorite styles. From Ancient China and Egypt to the rise of European nations, beer has played a central role in human history, fueling massive public works projects and the growth of major economies. Raise a glass to this important and often overlooked beverage.

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