Scout Programs

Book Your Scout Programs with Elmhurst History Museum

Elmhurst History Museum staff leads Girl and Cub Scout programming for your scouting needs. Please note: while many of the programs meet badge requirements, the museum does not supply badges. Fun Patches are available for $2. Badge programs are 90 minutes in length and $5/Scout (no charge for participating adults unless otherwise noted). 


Daisy Scouts

School Rules with the Daisies -- This program takes place in our historic Churchville One-Room Schoolhouse and meets requirements for the Gloria and Gerri petal. Scouts will learn about respect and authority by taking part in a 1910 school day, led by an authentic schoolmarm. They will also complete a craft designed to build self-confidence to take home to share with friends and family.

Brownie Scouts

Brownie Bonds: Celebrating Community -- Scouts can earn their Celebrating Community badge by taking a guided tour of the Elmhurst History Museum, learning state and town symbols, songs important to our nation and its history, and creating their own symbolic troop flag.

Learning Letterboxing -- Brownie Scouts can meet requirements for their Letterboxing badge by creating their own stamp; solving letter, picture, and Morse code clues; and going on a letterbox hunt.

Junior Scouts

Blossoming with the Juniors -- Junior Scouts can work towards their Flower badge by becoming junior botanists for the day. Participants will discover the science behind flowers, work on flower identification, make several take-home crafts, and go on a flower hunt. 


Tiger Scouts

Telling Tales with the Tigers -- Scouts will have the opportunity to work towards their Tiger Tales badge by visiting our historic Glos Mansion, learning American folk stories and songs, and playing games from the past.

Wolf Scouts

Where Are the Wolves? -- Meets requirements of the Finding Your Way badge by teaching Scouts all about maps, how to read them and how to utilize them. Scouts will also make their own compass and practice their skills on the museum grounds.

Bear Scouts

Back in Time with the Bears -- Meets requirements for the Paws for Action badge by heading to our circa 1850s Churchville One-Room Schoolhouse, a National Register of Historic Places site. Scouts will participate in lessons just like those taught by the schoolmarm in the early 1900s, learn about famous Americans and how find out how to fold an American flag.


Scout groups interested in coming to the museum for a guided tour including our I-Spy activity can do so for the nominal fee of $3/Scout during the museum’s open hours. To book a programs, please contact the Supervisor of Education Services at 630-530-6879 or via e-mail at Please note the following:

  • Programs must be booked at least three weeks in advance.
  • Programs are offered by reservation only and require a 50% deposit upon booking.  
  • Minimum of 10 scouts per program.
  • Programs are available weekdays after school (weekend programs are not currently available). 
  • Programs cancelled less than two business days in advance will not be eligible for a deposit refund.