Portable Programs in Your Classroom

Don't have time or funds for transportation? We'll come to you! A Museum Educator will bring hands-on history experience to your classroom, adaptable to an age-appropriate level. Options include:


Students take a fascinating journey through history exploring artifacts and participating in hands-on activities.

  • Grades: 2-3

Immigration: In Pursuit of Happiness

Children will consider the experiences of 19th century immigrants and their journeys to a new country. Pack a trunk like an immigrant from the 1800s to learn about what people brought to the New World.

  • Grades: 3-4

Old-Fashioned Games

Students learn how children of the past played through games and toys such as cup-and-ball, spinning tops and hoop-and-sticks.

  • Grades: 2+

People of the Prairie

In this hands-on portable program, students will learn about the lives of indigenous people and cultures that populated this area through various tools and artifacts.

  • Grades: 4-5

Hardship and Homefront

Students will learn about the hardships of Civil War soldiers and those left behind at home while exploring the contents of a soldier’s trunk and reading mid-19th century letters written by the local Fischer family.

  • Grades: 5-8

BOOK A PROGRAM: To book a Portable Program, please submit a Contact Form here.

COST: Portable Programs are free for all Elmhurst Schools and $25 per class for all other schools.

MORE INFO: For questions or more information, contact the Supervisor of Education Services at 630-530-6879 or via e-mail at EHMeducator@elmhurst.org.

"Thank you so much for coming to Ardmore School last week. All of the kids had such a good time and you did a fantastic job presenting the games to them and letting them explore." 
-- 4th Grade Teacher, Ardmore School, Villa Park