Support Us

The Elmhurst History Museum relies on community support to continue its mission to preserve Elmhurst history and to engage the public with history through its services, exhibits, and educational programs. You can support the museum and the Churchville Schoolhouse in many ways:

Support the Elmhurst Heritage Foundation 

In addition to the City of Elmhurst, the main support organization for the Elmhurst History Museum and Churchville Schoolhouse is the Elmhurst Heritage Foundation. The Foundation operates the Museum's membership program and provides annual funding for  education programs and exhibits. To find out more, visit the Elmhurst Heritage Foundation web site at www.elmhurstheritagefoundation.orgThis site is the place to purchase tickets for Foundation events, become a member, or make a donation.

Become a Member

The Elmhurst Heritage Foundation supports the Elmhurst History Museum with a membership program and invites everyone to take advantage of its many benefits.Follow this link to BECOME A MEMBER today and about the membership program or download the Membership Brochure.

Make a Donation

We encourage you to support the Elmhurst Heritage Foundation by making a donation. Follow this link to make your donation online: DONATE HERE.

Become a Volunteer

Another important way to support the Museum is by volunteering. Our volunteers keep the museum running in so many different ways! Find out more by following this link: BECOME A VOLUNTEER.

Visit our Museum Gift Shop for a wonderful array of Elmhurst-centric products, books, post…