Upcoming Exhibits


The Great Midwestern Road Trip
June 19-October 11, 2020
Pack up the station wagon and take a nostalgic journey to explore the classic Midwest summer vacation experience in the years following World War II through the 1970s. The Great Midwestern Road Trip chronicles the iconic destinations Chicago area families visited and what they encountered along the way, from roadside attractions and tourist traps to memorable resorts, restaurants, and motels. The exhibit will feature family photographs and video, scrapbooks,kitschy souvenirs, road signs, travel gear and more. 

Frank Lloyd Wright: Architecture of the Interior

October 23-December 20, 2020
Through reproduction drawings and photographs, this exhibit illustrates the myriad ways--both obvious and subtle--in which Frank Lloyd Wright created the visual character of an interior space, with each object acting as an essential detail of the large whole. A national touring exhibit from International Arts & Artists.

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